I have now entered into the world of guest blogging.  Well, I’ve blogged my first guest blog *smile*  It is at MOD Squad.  It is a blog for Mothers Of Daughters.  So click on over and take a browse…especially if you are a mother of daughters!  Feel free to comment.

The blog is now called Mothers of and my post is no longer there. I now save copies of my guest posts, but I can’t find a copy of this post. So my profound post :) is no longer available for you to read.  That’s the way life is!

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      actually, the corresponding group is called MOB “squad” i think. it’s a great group of ladies. i was exposed to them at my conference but couldn’t attend their meeting:( i checked. it is called MOB Society. Brooke McGlothlin (sp?) is one of the founders.

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